Welcome to our new blog! Why do we need it?

Welcome to our new blog! Why do we need it?

The Toohey family settled in Tumoulin over 100 years ago. A lot has changed since my great grand father had his butcher shop and farm in the once thriving town of Tumoulin. Our children are the fifth generation to farm this land. We have always strived to do the best for our property, improving it for future generations while supporting our family.

This is the point where half of you will loose interest in what I have to say. Which half you are in, is up to you. Recently it has become apparent to me that there are some problems with our food. I am not just talking about being processed to such an extent that our bodies can not utilise it. The problem is deeper than that and complex. There they go again, another half of my readers just disappeared because I used the word “complex”. Let me try to explain.

Reasons for food quality decline:

  • Food is now a commodity
  • Agriculture is BIG business
  • Most farmers are struggling to survive financially
  • Farmers have become anonymous
  • The soil has become depleted of carbon and microbial life.

This blog is a journal of our story from fundamental farming to a more caring and holistic version.

Hope you can stay for that.

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  1. lena

    Hi there I think it’s a great idea what your doing and direct your produce to people thru online shopping, but one problem though I lived in southern NSW and at the moment shopping for avocados in green grocer is too expensive,i loved avocados and dearly would love to have them almost everyday,i wonder if you send them by post but at the same time I probably couldn’t afford it,one thing that holds me back buying avocados cause their too expensive,same as buying ginger here it’s almost 30 dollars a kilo here and I used ginger all the time,Good luck and have a great day

    1. admin

      Hi Lena, Thanks for your support. We now sell ginger too; https://www.buyavocadosonline.com.au/produce/1kg-of-ginger/ and we now offer 100gms of ginger for $2 with every order of Avocados. Beauty of Syntropic farming is that the plant diversity provides opportunities to sell other produce. Keep an eye out on the site we have some more variety coming soon!

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