The “normal” system of food production and distribution is failing both producers and consumers.

The “normal” system of food production and distribution is failing both producers and consumers.

For nearly 20 years we have been providing small quantities of avocados to our family and friends with nothing, but praise for the quality of our product.

However through the “normal” supply chain praise is rare and there is always something wrong:

  • Too small
  • Too big
  • Too smooth
  • Too bumpy
  • Not “accredited”
  • Not enough of them to fill a pallet
  • Too late in the season
  • Too mature
  • Haven’t got the right paperwork
  • Chose to use the wrong agent
  • You get the picture…..

However not one of these things actually makes the fruit any better.

Farmers have had to deal with all of these requirements as well as run the rest of their business and still have time to live life. Most are on a treadmill with someone else controlling the speed, and getting off would undo generations of hard work. Despite all of these requirements the consumer experience of these avocados is somewhat disappointing.

We would prefer that our success is based on our ability to provide avocados that the consumer enjoys.

Let us not limit ourselves to avocados and lets not limit ourselves We are open to suggestions our hope that we create a new “normal” method of food growing and distribution that serves producers and consumers. Already we are looking to add ginger, turmeric and honey to our online offering.

Our aim is to connect consumers to the best produce available from producers who are motivated to produce healthy food.

More about how that can be done next time.

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  1. Dennis Bean

    What a great idea! Any produce from the Atherton area is the best in my opinion.

    1. admin

      We agree Dennis, but might be a bit biased 😛

  2. Grahame West

    WELL DONE Mark and family, great idea … we wish you all the luck in the world. Grahame, Edna & Liz Seaweed Enterprises Australia in Ravenshoe.

    1. admin

      Thanks Grahame 🙂

  3. Cathy

    Can you ship to Sydney? If so how to you ensure the fruit is protected. What would the cost of shipping be? And roughly how many Avo’s in the large satchel? I love Avo’s but haven’t had a half decent one in years. Thanks for your time and have a good Easter.

    1. admin

      Hi Cathy,

      We ship to Sydney. As the avos are picked for your order they arrive unripe and take about a week to ripen. If you leave them in the crisper and take them out to ripen near a banana on the bench a bag can last a couple of weeks. A large package gets about 20 medium avos. If you are interested order here: 🙂

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