Victory is declared…and all of you are the winners!
The Head Honcho...checking the's time to harvest

Victory is declared…and all of you are the winners!

It is with extreme glee and gratitude that I declare our petition closed and thank everyone who has helped drive this change with the Australian Government and Australia Post executive team. Finally we can get back to what we do best…farming. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a wrap up meeting at the Brisbane head office of AgForce with their General President Georgie Somerset and CEO Michael Guerin, alongside Australia Post Executive General Manager, Gary Starr…and I can tell you all that it was very positive. Both Australia Post and AgForce on behalf of their 6000 strong membership continue to focus on the preservation and support of rural and remote communities. Our farm is of course located in a rural area, but many of our customers rely on this service to receive the necessities of life that could not otherwise be accessed.

We commence harvest this year with much lighter hearts and acknowledge all the fantastic support we have received from all our customers and the public around Australia!!
This victory is YOURS!!
Now jump on line and order yourselves a satchel of avocados…when you are ready…we’ll be sending from June – September at least….
syntropic – organic in conversion
The yummiest avocados you will ever slap on your toast.

Here’s what our petition said…

On June 30th  2021, Australia Post has warned it will no longer accept perishables through its network. For Toohey Farming, an organic farm in Tumoulin, Far North Qld, this is a devastating blow to their online business which reached new heights in 2020 whilst ensuring food supply even during rolling lockdowns. The farm now has a bumper crop about to be harvested, which despite huge efforts, still has not been able to replace the Australia Post satchel delivery service. When you consider a large number of these orders are heading into rural QLD, VIC, and NSW…maybe you can start to see the wider implication of what this means to online businesses that could be included in Australia Post’s cull of services. Rural Australia is left cut off again even now as more Australians try and escape to a healthier lifestyle in the country.

I am asking that this petition be circulated to anyone who values purchasing their avocados or garlic or any other designated “perishable items” delivered to their door…to please add your name to the list and help us be heard.

We weathered Australia Post post pandemic last year and our reward is to have our business decimated over night in peak season for 2021. Surely this is a very good example of how the government can practically offer support that keeps businesses running, people employed and people fed – instead of a handout, just ensure supply of service is there and rethink this blanket ban.

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